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Why use a professional tree felling company?

If one uses the help of a friend who injures himself while working you as the land owner are liable. A specialised and professional company has the required insurances and is responsible for the whole procedure. Tree felling is dangerous and requires the right credentials. When working close to electrical wiring the risks increase even more which is why it is essential to use a professional with the right qualifications.

About us

We offer high precision tree felling, pruning (trimming), tree assessments and other rope access related tasks. When required we dismantle the tree in sections.

Naturally we have the required insurances and we always aim to work swiftly in order to save both time and money for our customers. If the surroundings allow for it we always fell the tree from the ground. We only climb and dismantle a tree in sections when the situation requires it.

Dismantling a tree in sections is time consuming, risky and requires a substantial amount of equipment. It’s the method used when the tree is close to a building, cables or other potential risks. At times one must carefully lower each branch or section using ropes.

A skylift is used only if the tree is deemed too risky to climb as it entails a large extra cost for the client.

We also offer limbing (removal of the limbs from the stem) and cutting up the tree if desired.

In order to give the customer a correct price we first need to discuss a safe plan of action where we begin by assessing the tree and its surroundings, considering potential risk factors as well as the customer’s wishes. We look at the type of tree, the condition it’s in, whether it is leaning in any direction as well as its surroundings and the weather.

While we are working we need to make sure that no one is harmed so we may need to cordon off the area.

We always use approved gear and follow Swedish regulations with regards to safety and certifications. When a tree climber is working in a tree we are required to also have one person working on the ground.

We are primarily active in the Dalarna and Västmanland counties (Avesta, Hedemora, Norberg, Fagersta, Sala etc.) and Stockholm/Mälardalen, but occasionally also in Östersund (Jämtland), Uppsala and the Gothenburg area.


We are currently expanding the business within industrial rope access work. We have also started collaborating with several new clients and business partners. By doing this we can now offer services such as confined space work (silo cleaning etc), high rise jobs (e.g. masts, towers, window cleaning) and more.


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Other certificates:

Skotta säkert

Working in confined spaces, level 2 at Hewall Safety

Certified installer of INNOTECH fall protection systems.

Competent person, allowed to inspect climbing and fall protection equipment.

Certified arborist.